Bernadette’s Menu of Services for Small Business, Big Business and Entrepreneurs

Small Business Marketing Forum

Marketing is the lifeblood of many successful businesses. And there’s never been a better time for you to find out how to master it.

The Small Business Marketing Forum is a place where you can ask all of your marketing questions, get constructive feedback on your ideas and smash through challenges that are holding you back from exponentially growing your business through smart marketing.  All this without spending a fortune.

The forum is an online community filled with motivated business owners who share a common goal – to build a business they love through highly effective marketing practices. Membership takes you from being a business doer to a business owner.

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Bernadette offers a huge array of services. A professional speaker with a knack for engaging any audience from start to finish, Bernadette Schwerdt is your go-to for a speaker who imparts passion alongside invaluable know-how and resources. Regularly rated as the ‘best speaker’ at the conference she attends, her presentations will make an impact and create those ‘aha’ moments.

Panel Facilitator:

Got an event you’d like to run but need a host who can facilitate and take full control of a guest panel session? Bernadette is the go to person for all things ‘facilitated’. She’ll draw out the best of your guests, deliver a kick-ass introduction, mange the Q and A with the audience, and keep everything on track, lively and engaging. She can also pull the panel together and project manage the panel event from whoa to go – from concept to copywriting to delivery.

Copywriter and Content Creator:

Are you after powerful copy that grabs the reader from start to finish? Do you want copy that is engaging and persuasive, and generates sales?

Bernadette and her team of highly trained and experienced copywriters can craft the perfect copy for all your business and marketing needs from social media to print advertisements, blogs, websites and more.

Discovery Session:

Personal Mentoring Designed To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

With a Discovery Session, you’ll receive an expert review of your marketing material, that is set out in easy to understand terms and with loads of ideas you can easily implement into your business. Whether you’re wanting to totally overhaul your business marketing efforts, or you’re simply wanting a review of your current marketing, a ‘Discovery Session’ will give you strategies to take your business to the next level.

For more information or to book, please visit our dedicated Discovery Session page.

Corporate Trainer:

Bernadette has spent 15 years as a freelance trainer working with every Fortune 100 company in Australia and more. Training topics include:

  • Entrepreneur Training – how to build an entrepreneur mindset
  • 7 Steps To Creating an Online Business – a step by step guide for start ups, innovators and business owners to get their online business up and running
  • Presentation Skills – the art of public speaking with a purpose
  • Small Business Marketing – how to take a small business and make it big
  • Communication in the workplace – how to build rapport with clients, improve sales results, minimise team conflict, and create a vision.