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The top 4 tech tools every online marketer needs to know about.

For the last two years I have had the pleasure of being on the judging panel for the ORIAs, the Online Retailers Industry Awards. They like the Oscars, but for online business. Being a judge, I get to read all the award applications and see what’s ‘under the hood’ – so to speak – of how these incredible entrepreneurs took their startups from zero to hero.
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How the fear of public speaking can hold back your career

If you suffer from Fear of Public Speaking (FOPS), you are not alone. It’s absolutely rampant in the workplace. In fact, it’s often quoted as being in the top five of a human’s biggest fears. Some studies rank FOPS as number one. Number two is death.
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Would you buy from you?

One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail, especially new ones, is because the business owner fails to position the business as a trusted authority; to instil a sense of security in the buyer. When it comes to matters of health and fitness, those most personal of subjects, then trust becomes even more important. In a global economy where a competitor is just one click away, trust is a currency that must be built before anyone will do business with you – online, or off.
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How to be successful when you don’t know what you’re doing.

There’s a new breed of entrepreneur that believes you need to suspend the need to know everything before you make a move — whether it be a new business, a relationship or a crazy idea. It’s a twist on the ‘ignorance is bliss’ cliché where ‘not knowing’ could be your biggest asset.
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My tips on successfully branding yourself.

Here’s a short video I produced with ICMI about personal branding.
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Cakeage? What the hell is cakeage?

I’ve heard of corkage. I’ve heard of wastage. But cakeage? What the hell is cakeage?
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herBusiness – Insights for women in business

A podcast Bernadette created with herBusiness where she reveals the ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’.Listen Here



Leading Ladies of Online Business: 5 of Australia’s Top Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets of Success

Written for Women’s Network Australia, this blog reveals what you can learn from Australia’s most successful female entrepreneursRead Here



TedX Melbourne – The Stuff of Dreams

If you missed Bernadette’s presentation at TedX Melbourne, The Stuff of Dreams, here it is! ‘How to bumble your way to success’.
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Secrets To Online Success

Bernadette shares her foolproof, seven-step action plan to create your very own, wildly successful online business.
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An Exceptional Morning at the Melbourne Speaker Showcase 2015

As the rest of Melbourne were fast asleep, 250 eager attendees congregated at the picturesque Cargo Hall, South Wharf for ICMI’s highly regarded Melbourne Speaker Showcase Breakfast.
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Sales & Marketing Speaker – Bernadette Schwerdt for ICMI

Bernadette reveals what motivates her!
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The essential guide to monetising social media

If you want to monetise social media, you should use it to drive people to your website, not the other way around. Read Here


Book Review: Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs

Book review by Inside Small Business Magazine.
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‘Intrepreneurs can improve your company if you nurture them’

Imagine a world where employees love coming to work, give more of themselves than ever before, stay longer, work harder and generate significant extra revenue for the firm, with no incentives, threats or encouragement to do so? Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
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‘Two page feature in Aspire Magazine’

Monica Kade interviews Bernadette Schwerdt about her book, ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’.
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‘Interview by’

Brooke Hunter interviewed Bernadette about her book, ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’.
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‘Book Review by Peter Familari, Channel News’

Peter Familari reviews Bernadette’s book, ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’.
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‘Interview with Bernadette on Wave 96.5 FM’

Jade interviews Bernadette on the evening drive show about her book, ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’ and building an online business
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‘Would You Buy From You?’

Why trust matters and how to get it.
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’10 Steps To Success’

The tried and tested strategies of Australia’s top online entrepreneurs will help get your project off the ground and flourishing
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‘3 Reasons Why Women Make Great Online Entrepreneurs’

Bernadette Schwerdt is an Online Marketing Strategist; the host of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald’s online video show ‘Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs’ and the author of a new book of the same name. Bernadette is in a unique position to reveal the inner-most secrets behind how and why these outstanding business owners have risen to the top of their fields and become industry disruptors that have shaken their industries to the core.Here the Business Speaker shares the 3 reasons women make great entrepreneurs and gives 5 tips for becoming a successful online entrepreneur.Read More


‘Three steps to successful online entrepreneurship from local experts’

One of the biggest reasons people fail in their quest to set up an online business is because they fail to get started. You can have the best idea in the world but if you can’t execute it quickly, efficiently and strategically, you’ll be sideswiped by someone who does. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the last thing you want to hear yourself saying is, ‘hey, that was my idea!’

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‘Mornings With Kim Kleidon | ABC Tropical North’

Morning show host, Kim Kleidon interviewed Bernadette on Tuesday 4th August 2015.

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‘How Australia’s Top Online Entrepreneurs Disrupted Their Industries’

The word ‘disruptor’ gets bandied around a lot but what does it really mean and who’s doing the disrupting? Disruptors share a common purpose: to create businesses, products and services that are better – less expensive, more creative, useful or impactful, and ideally scalable.

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‘How leading Aussie entrepreneurs built their online businesses’

We’ve all heard the stories of remarkable start-up successes – those people who go from working alone in their spare room to leading e-commerce empires turning over millions of dollars a year. But as anyone who has an online business will know, simply launching an e-commerce venture is no guarantee of overnight success.

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‘The 7-word definitions that made Gabby Leibovich, Matt Barrie and John Winning Successful’

At the heart of every internet venture is technology, and for those who understand how data, websites and programming come together to enable disruption, the opportunities are vast.

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‘How To Build An Online Community’

If you’ve got a business and want to amplify the ‘buzz’ around what you do or offer, creating a community is one of the fastest ways to do that..

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‘Interview with Heidi Armstrong, Sky Business News’

Bernadette appeared on Sky Business News to talk about Entrepreneurship and what it takes to run a successful online business in Australia.

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‘What’s your story? You need to hone your elevator pitch’

When it comes to meeting new people be it at a dinner, on a plane or at a party, ‘what do you do?’ is without doubt the most frequently asked question.

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‘3 Secrets Of Successful Online Entrepreneurs’

Turn your bright idea into an online mega force with these million dollar tips (free, for you!).

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‘From TAFE to Tech’

Bernadette Schwerdt has gone from teaching a TAFE course to running a highly successful online business.

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‘The business of ideas’

Actress, author and corporate trainer, Bernadette Schwerdt, is the trusted ear of the highly successful.

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‘The Essential Guide To Monetizing Social Media’

Wouldn’t it be great if every time we posted or tweeted it resulted in a sale?  But it doesn’t, does it?

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‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’

Each one of us is an entrepreneur in one respect or another in this world, and no matter whether you are self-employed or in a job, we all are faced with distractions that continue to challenge us.

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‘Five secrets behind the female entrepreneurs smashing it online’

It’s no secret that women comprise the fastest growing cohort of start-up entrepreneurs. Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons but let’s start with two of the obvious.

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‘The five personal qualities of all successful online entrepreneurs’

Have you ever wondered why someone with a great idea can turn it into a billion-dollar business, whilst someone with exactly the same idea (and resources) runs it into the ground? Clearly, it’s all about the person behind the idea.

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‘How Muesli Queen Carolyn Cresswell Changed My Life Forever’

Should I stay or should I go?

I still remember sitting right at the back of the Palladium at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia for the ICMI Women in Leadership Event hosted by Ann Peacock earlier this year.

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‘How to create copy that sells’

Copywriting is not as easy as you may think.

And it is vitally important to your business – from email messages to your website.

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‘Revealed: The seven-step secret to making your fortune online as Australia’s successful young entrepreneurs share their tips on how to build a booming business from scratch’

Marketing expert Bernadette Schwerdt spoke to Australian entrepreneurs. They told her how they found their success, and Ms Schwerdt recognised a pattern in the way they built their operations. From this she devised seven key steps for budding online business owners.

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Social strategy success

For many business owners, social media is a minefield and a source of much confusion. But it doesn’t have to be this way.Read More

How to write copy that converts traffic into customers

Congratulations if your website looks graphically appealing, but is it creating income for your business?Read More

7 Simple Web Writing Secrets For Business Owners

Writing web text (or copy) that gets people’s attention and converts them to customers can be tricky, but there are lots of ways to make it easier.Read More

How To Get Customers Knocking Your Door Down

The advertisement highlighted a previously unknown ‘problem’ that I had which compelled me to take action and to visit the store…Read More

The More The Merrier

How crowdfunding could be the answer to your dreams (With Rick Chen)Read More

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