How Australia's Online Mavericks, Innovators And Disruptors Built Their Businesses...And How You Can Too.

  • In-depth, hard hitting interviews with dozens of Australia's top online entrepreneurs
  • Easy to follow 7-step strategy for creating a profitable online business
  • 50 top free apps every online entrepreneur needs to kick-start their business quickly (and cheaply)

About the book: Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs

Discover how Australia's hottest online entrepreneurs turned their ideas into millions... and how you can too.
Whether you're looking to build a global online business, or just want to make some extra money on eBay, this keynote should not be missed.
Based on over 35 in-depth one-to-one interviews with Australia's most successful online entrepreneurs, Bernadette will reveal the insights, the secrets and the little-known strategies behind their astonishing achievements. She'll reveal how they got started and why, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them, what they did right, what they did wrong, what they'd do differently and more.

You'll learn from the best in the business and discover how to:

  • apply a 7-step process for building an online business
  • identify industries that are ready for disruption
  • turn your hobby or great idea into a lucrative business
  • build your personal brand and gain media coverage
  • create a profitable online business using simple, proven strategies that work

Features of Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs


Activities included:

Practical exercises, easy-to-use templates and resources included to help you get your online business started


Tech tools:

Comprehensive listings of websites, templates, tools, processes and check-lists top entrepreneurs use to run their businesses.



Bonus 21-point Creative Brief template helps you create high-quality content for your site, blogs and ebooks quickly and easily.


E-learning entrepreneur education programme:

Want feedback, guidance and mentoring to get your online business off the ground? Manifest your ideas into reality with this e-learning programme.

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Real life examples:

There's no substitute for hard-won experience. Explore hundreds of case studies, real-life examples, and practical nuggets of wisdom and cut years off your start up journey.

Who's included in the book:


  • Stephanie AlexanderThe Cooks Companion
  • Matt BarrieFreelancer.com
  • Andre EikmeierVinomofo
  • Daniel FlynnThank You Group
  • Jodie FoxShoes of Prey
  • Paul GreenbergDeals Direct
  • Simon GriffithsWho Gives a Crap
  • Phil LeahyThe Internet Conference
  • Gabby LeibovichCatch of the Day Group
  • Mark MiddoThe 5 Minute Business
  • Kate MorrisAdore Beauty
  • Tony NashBooktopia
  • Shaun O'BrienSelby Acoustics
  • Dean RamlerMilan Direct
  • Darren RowsePro Blogger and Digital Photography School
  • Brian ShanahanTemple & Webster
  • Brad Smithbraaap motorbikes
  • James TuckermanAnthill Online
  • Pete WilliamsSimply Headsets, Author
  • John WinningAppliances Online


  • Kylie BartlettThe Web Celeb
  • Tim DavieseBay
  • Jordan GreenMelbourne Angels
  • Jane HuxleyPandora Radio (Australia & NZ)
  • Sacha KaluriAustralian Teenage Expo
  • Sonya KarrasAustralian Teenage Expo
  • Valerie KhooAustralian Writers' Centre
  • Salvatore MalatestaSt Ali and Sensory Lab
  • Sandy McDonaldGet It Right Online
  • Theresa MillerMiller Inc
  • Morris MiselowskiBusiness Futurist
  • Fysh Rutherfordt20 Group
  • Toby TremayneMagic Industries
  • Belinda WeaverCopywrite Matters
  • Peter WilliamsDeloitte Digital

About the Author:

Bernadette Schwerdt is the director of the Australian School of Copywriting, an advertising copywriter and a university lecturer. She is the Executive Producer and Presenter of the online video series 'Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs' as featured on The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald's websites, author of the best-selling manual "Writing for Profit" and an accomplished actor, public speaker and trainer.

Other programmes by Bernadette:

How To Write:

A 5-part online course that teaches you how to write like a professional copywriter so you can create killer content for websites, blogs, emailers and sales letters that generate leads and converts prospects into customers.

Paid To Write:

A 5-part online course that teaches you how to set up a successful freelance copywriting business so you can work where you like, when you like, with clients you like and how to make money from writing.


Delighted to have been able to provide a little input in this book. Well done Bernadette Schwerdt, an easy and informative read!

Jane Huxley, Pandora Radio 


First and foremost, Bernadette Schwerdt is a story-teller. She's a great writer. Most business books are the literally equivalent of porridge. They're healthy for you but drudgery to read. That's not the case with Online Secrets. It's packed wisdom, anecdotes and distills the insights of market leaders into one resource. But, better than that, it's a real page turner. I consumed this book like it was a fine meal. (And I plan to give away a few copies to aspiring online entrepreneurs too. It's that good.)

James Tuckerman, Anthill Online 


Bernadette's business experience shows in her writing style and how she's presented the info, including the topics she has chosen. It is refreshing to read a business book that gets to the point and is very real world focused. Well worth getting.

David Lennon, Business Coach 


It's eloquent, sharp and funny. This author is infectiously passionate about her subject and has a keen sense of curiosity. It's well-structured and packed with anecdotes, real life examples and experience from those 'making it happen' online. If only all business books were this engaging to read.

Emmaj, Wellington NZ 


As the host of Fairfax TV's Business Talk Show, Bernadette Schwerdt has been in a unique position to capture the best practices from some of the most successful Australian entrepreneurs. She conveyed them in a very approachable how-to guide. I would highly recommend this book as a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur across the globe. If you have an idea, want to start a technology company, read Bernadette's book first. It will save you lots of time and frustrations and help you learn from the best.

Maciej Kranz, San Jose, California, US 


I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it's a great journey into the minds of some of our country's great self-made business people and how they've succeeded in a massively changing marketplace. A lot of books provide inspiration on starting an online business: this is one of the first books I've read that both inspires AND educates.

The Hawk, Melbourne 


I loved the tips, the well thought out flow of 'how to' and how inspired I felt after reading it!

She wrote the book she wanted to read, NSW 


Inspiring read with easy, practical ideas. Even made me LOL! It gets you off your chair thinking about ideas to start your own online business. Anyone can do it!

Helen, Melbourne 


This is a fascinating and insightful book bursting with relevant and practical information. Whether you already have an online business or are contemplating developing an online business, the diversity of entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and tips will help guide you on your way. The author, Bernadette Schwerdt, has done a wonderful job in conveying these local success stories in an easy-to-read manner - it is an excellent resource/instruction book written in an entertaining way. Highly recommended!

Ros Turffrey, Brisbane 


I loved this book. So easy to read, great stories of inspirational people, and funny too! I'll definitely be giving this to my teenage daughter because without entrepreneurial skills, they will struggle to find jobs in the digital era. I highly recommend this book to all parent of teenagers.

Ralphy13, Adelaide 


A must for anyone contemplating an online business. The entrepreneurs Bernadette has interviewed offer a wealth of information that you'd normally pay a lot of money to receive.

Ed, Melbourne 


This is a great book full of useful hints and tips, it’s well written easy to understand and best of all is funny. Yep humour and information in a quick easy read format. Buy it online today.

Rum, Melbourne 

Detailed Chapter Overview:

About Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs

7 Steps To Creating A Wildly Successful Online Business

Here's a 7-step process for creating, building and operating a successful online business.

You need to get clear on the 'why'. What is the purpose of you wanting an online business? When you've got your first answer, ask 'why' again, and then ask it again. Asking the '3 whys' really gets you to the nub of why you want or need something.
Tip: It really helps to have a burning 'passion' for why you need an online business. Without it, the inevitable headaches, hassles and heartache could lead you to give up, accept defeat and say, 'It's just not worth it'. Find a reason that matters deeply to you.
You need to build a team around you that will support your vision, provide expertise you don't have and hold you accountable. A basic contractor team includes:
  • virtual assistant
  • graphic designer
  • web developer
  • printer
  • videographer
  • video editor
  • accountant
You also need people to hold you accountable to completing. Either commit yourself financially to the project so that there's no backing out, or commit yourself emotionally (to your clients, or in a public statement) to ensure that you step up and make it happen.
You need to be confident in what you're selling: that it has a market, that the prototypes work and that testing has been conducted using a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that real people have paid real money for.
You need to know that what you're offering has a target market that's able and willing to pay your price, that the demand for what you offer is in a growth phase, that you're not differentiated by being the lowest priced and that it is difficult for others to easily replicate what you do.
You need to demonstrate credibility, provide third-party proof that you are as good as you say, answer every question the customer has about the product (before they buy it), make it easy for them to buy, offer an iron-clad money-back guarantee and prove that you are a real business with real premises.
You need to have an online identity that reflects who you want to be and how you want to be seen, great content that operates 24/7 selling your business while you can't and a website that ranks well on Google.
You need to be able to market your business using PR, print, social media, events, email and content marketing and a raft of free resources to offer in exchange for the prospects' contact details.