Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a little while, learn from the top Aussie Online Entrepreneurs how to turn your passion into a wildly successful online business.

This is not a get-rich-quick book, but a practical guide with tips and strategies to grow your business in the competitive online world.

Discover how Australia’s top online entrepreneurs built their start-ups. This new podcast features interviews with Australia’s top digital disruptors and reveals the detailed strategies behind their success. If you have an online business and want practical advice that will help you take your business to the next level (and become the next big disruptor), this podcast is for you.

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Topic: ‘A night with Andy and Jill Griffiths’

Event: MC

Date: 7th December

Location:  176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


With over 25 years as an award-winning marketing consultant, advertising account director and copywriter, Bernadette is well placed to document the significant changes that are occurring in the global marketing industry.

A successful businesswoman in her own right, she has translated her own experience in setting up an online business, The Australian School of Copywriting (, overlaid the experiences of over 35 of Australia’s top online entrepreneurs and created this book as a blueprint for online success that shows anyone, even those with no business or IT skills, how to turn a passion or a hobby into an online business.

Having worked with iconic clients such as Apple, BHP, Optus, Telstra, Coles, Australia Post and Goldman Sachs, Bernadette draws upon that depth and breadth of business experience to shine a light on how online entrepreneurship is rapidly changing the face of business and why now is without doubt, the most exciting time in history to start an online business.

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Conference Speaker

Consistently rated as the `best speaker´ at conferences she attends, Bernadette will show you and your team how to keep it clear, keep it simple, make it brilliant and most importantly, get results!

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Online Training — Learn How To Build An Internet Business

Want to build an internet business? Turn a passion into profit? Enrol in Bernadette’s 10-part online entrepreneur training program and get the tools, tips and strategies you need but just can´t find.

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Online Training – Learn How To Write Words That Sell

Learn the art of writing words that sell to promote your online (or offline) business or learn how to become a paid copywriter. Bernadette´s students get work, make money and are living the life of their dreams.

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Discovery Session

An expert review of your marketing material, that is set out in easy to understand terms and with loads of ideas you can easily implement into your business.

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Small Business

  • Learn how to:
  • Generate new leads, convert prospects into customers and increase your profit, generates leads and sales
  • be a more persuasive, influential communicator and industry thought leader

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Big Business

  • Learn how to:
  • think like a small business owner so you can sell to small business owners
  • foster the entrepreneurial mindset in your corporate team to increase productivity, engagement and loyalty.

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  • Learn how to:
  • create an online business that lets you work where, when and how you want
  • research your online ideas, choose the best one, develop a product and launch it without spending big bucks

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Buy the Book

  • ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’ shows you how to:
  • create an epic online business using a proven 7-step process
  • turn your favourite hobby or great idea into a lucrative business
  • generate global attention without leaving home

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  • Enrol in one of Bernadette’s popular online courses. Choose from:
  • Online Entrepreneurship
  • Get Paid To Write
  • Learn How To Write Copy

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  • Engage Bernadette to run a customised in-house workshop or conference keynote for your team. Topics include:
  • small business marketing
  • online business
  • entrepreneurship
  • public speaking
  • persuasive copywriting.

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Natalie Schetzer, Acting Business Marketing Communications Officer, Whitehorse City Council August 24, 2015

Thank you for your engaging presentation last week as a part of Business Week, it was a great event to kick of the week and we have received fantastic feedback about your presentation. It was a pleasure working with you and Monique in the lead up to this event, and I hope you would consider presenting at future events if the opportunity was to arise.

Debra Nellessen, Mineral Medics January 28, 2016

This seminar was most insightful and provided some ideas that could be followed up on for my business.

Lexey Odger, Marketing & Communications Manager – Bio 21 April 24, 2015

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the research you did to tailor the marketing course to our audience of scientists. We have received great feedback. You were thoroughly professional, engaging and informative. Thank you.

Tamatha Harding, Acting CEO, Tennis Victoria April 24, 2015

The feedback I have received can only be described as glowing. The training was linked to “real life” scenarios and situations that our staff deal with on a daily basis has only enhanced the learning and has ensured it is now part of our routine.

John Perera, Digital Wiz January 28, 2016

Inspirational presentation by Bernadette Schwerdt.

Kate Griel, Head Start Communications January 28, 2016

A really useful morning and one I can share with my clients.

Kelly Holcroft, Project Officer - Funds Executives Association Ltd April 24, 2015

This is the best session I've been to in ages. Bernadette was knowledgeable, approachable, well prepared and great to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ian Rennison January 28, 2016

Opened my eyes to what can be done with small business ventures.

Marisa Ashworth, Marketing & Communications Manager - Mortgage Finance Association of Australia April 24, 2015

Bernadette was the best workshop leader I've seen in a long time. I got so much more out of this than I expected!

Sharon Lameris, Education & Policy Manager - Strata Community Australia April 24, 2015

Thank you so much, our delegates just loved Bernadette’s session! She was rated as the best speaker of the conference.

So did I! That’s why I went and interviewed them. Discover their behind-the-scenes stories here, and learn how you can build your own online business too!

Bernadette Schwerdt

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3 reasons why a lack of tech-savvy skills stops female entrepreneurs from succeeding

Does a lack of tech-savviness stop you from pursuing your online business goals?  If you’re like most switched-on entrepreneurs, you have a great idea but can’t find a way to bring it to life because you lack the tech skills to even formulate the right questions to ask a tech person, even if they were standing in front of you saying ‘what do you want to know?’ This chicken-and-the-egg issue is a big problem, especially for women. Study after study shows we lack the confidence to tackle even the simplest tech issues whereas most men will at least give it a go. I speak from experience.  If my computer shuts down, so does my brain. If you look at the list of the start-up success stories, the founders are overwhelmingly men and invariably, they have a tech background.  Why does a tech background help? Because at the heart of every internet venture is technology, and for those who understand how data, websites and programming come together to enable disruption, the opportunities are vast. I’ve interviewed dozens of Australia’s top online entrepreneurs for a new business book and can say with certainty that those who can harness technology (or have the smarts to engage others who do), are the ones who succeed. My mission as an author was to discover the unique qualities that made them successful and to find out what role technology played in that success.  Here’s three of them. The top three personal qualities behind Australia’s most innovative online entrepreneurs: They know what business they’re in. A key reason why some start-ups succeed is because they know... read more

5 top tips to creating your small business marketing toolkit

Keeping up with what’s new and happening in business is one of the hardest battles for small business owners right now. It’s even more challenging if the business owner is located in isolated or rural areas and has limited contact with other business professionals. Things are moving very quickly and if you don’t have the means or the ability to attend conferences or rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of industry, it can be really hard to feel on top of things, especially when it comes to marketing. For example, were you aware that the prevailing wisdom is that most company websites will be redundant within 5–7 years and replaced with social media websites? That’s a scary thought, and annoying to say the least, especially if you have just moved heaven and earth to get yours set up last week! I have experienced this personally in my own consulting work with small business owners. It wasn’t that long ago I was advising my small business clients that the essential ingredients for any marketing toolkit were a hardcopy brochure, a sales letter and a business card. That seems so dated now. And it is. Even just a few years ago, I was advising my clients that the absolute minimum for their marketing toolkit was a website, a database package and a brochure. But now, my recommendations are very different. In my opinion, the minimum requirements for any small business marketing toolkit now are a 60-second video introduction on your website, an email sign-up facility with a compelling free offer to incentivise the visitor to leave their details, plus a... read more

What are you too busy to notice – and what is it costing you?

I was seven months pregnant. My husband and I had just moved into our new home. The house needed minor renovations. Painting. Floors. Cupboards. Curtains. The usual stuff. And although life was busy, the renos took place. Cupboards got built. Floors got polished. Walls got painted. But the new curtains eluded us. Choosing between pole pocket, pencil pleat, back tab, double box and single pinch just became too much. So I did what every overwhelmed pregnant woman does when confronted with cognitive dissonance – I did nothing. But as our bedroom still had no curtains I put up a big, blue bedsheet on the window to protect us from the prying eyes of passers-by. And so life continued. And then my mum arrived from interstate to say hello to her new grandson. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my mum, a lot. But she is very different to me. She folds clothes. I scrunch them. She’s on time. I’m rushed. She thinks before she speaks. I just speak. Then, after a week of mother-daughter bonding – late night chats, games of scrabble, she pounces and like a smiling assassin, lobs this hand grenade. ‘So, when are you going to get rid of that blue bedsheet hanging in the front window?’ And this is hand-on-my-heart-true, I said, ‘What blue bedsheet?’ She continued. ‘You know, the massive blue sheet that spans the bay window from one wall of your bedroom to the other; the blue sheet with frayed ends that from the outside looks like a cross between a student rental and a hydroponic hash-growing drug den. That blue sheet.’... read more